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Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy?

Before you decide whether to make a consumer proposal or declare bankruptcy, at Manku & Associates Inc., we offer a free financial assessment conducted by our trustee. We take the time to listen, assess financial position, explain viable options, consequences, and recommend the best course of action to get back to sound financial base and reclaim your life. Our consultation is free, private and confidential. Call us at (905) 272-6870 for an appointment.

Signs Of Financial Hardship


If you are unsure whether you are ready to begin the process or if you would like information about a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, please contact our office.

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Debt Elimination


Are you searching for the quickest and easiest yet sensible way to eliminate your debts and regain control over your life?

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Consumer Proposal


A Consumer Proposal is an offer by a debtor to his or her creditors to settle the full amount of the debts with a single small amount of money paid monthly.

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Choosing Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy allows individuals or businesses a chance to start fresh by having their debts forgiven if there is inability to pay.

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